Wednesday, 29 December 2010

how magical !

hello all! :) i hope you had a wonderful christmas day! i spent a lovely day at church watching little angels singing 'away in a manger', a family roast dinner and watched love actually, jingle all the way AND elf. or more like background noise whilst we were chatting away with hot chocolate and ginger bread men :) how did you guys spend christmas this year? 
i also wanted to show you my favourite christmas presents. 
disco ball lip balm, topshop clothes+topshop giftcards, nice smelling perfume, interior design books, and lots of lush things (the other half already gone!) 
i got this dress a few days after christmas and i'm totally in love with it! it's frilly and it has a pretty bow print! eek :) tell me about presents you received this year! 

oh! and have a happy new year ! : )

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

wishful thinking

chloe spring 2011
all images from
under these freezing conditions, the best way to warm up would be to.. 
1) wear more layers
2) drink hot chocolate (with marshmallows)
3) look at next spring collections and THINK that it's spring. 
here are some beautiful, elegant, classy, lovely, ballerina-esque images off the catwalk from chloe to get you in the mood.. it works! i promise! ....sort of! :) 

Sunday, 5 December 2010

it's all about the details

 henry holland blouse, primark skirt, zara bag
i sincerely apologise for the lack of post recently ! i've been super busy with work, interviews for post grad, and spending way too much time catching up with gossip girl! : )  
i'm sorry about the blurryness of the pictures... but i wanted to show you my recent purchases, bought with my very first pay cheque! yayy! :) and how perfectly, i think, they complement each other to make my outfit today. i love the zebra prints and the peter pan collar of the blouse as well as the rose chiffon details of the skirt. well done, henry holland! well done, primark! on the other hand, here i am wearing short sleeves and a skirt on the coldest day i have ever experienced in my whole life, haha.  i hope you guys all had a great weekend and are a lot warmer than i am! : ) i'm off to drink some tea to warm myself up before bed! bye byeee. 

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

rainy rain

zara knitwear, h&m skirt
this week has been rainy rainy rainy !  no more walking through meyrick park on the way to work, no more sitting in the flower gardens at lunch time...hello mister umbrella, hello mr bus driver ! you can be my best friend this winter ! :) 

Thursday, 28 October 2010

giveaway !

hello! to thank all my lovely followers, i decided to have a giveaway! i know i only have less than a hundred followers, but i just wanted to thank you guys anyways! :) i'm giving two pairs of tights (cream bow and black heart) size s/m, and a little sunglass pouch from topshop (it's also perfect for makeup case or as a purse). i'm also giving away a lace bow hair band that can also be a bow tie or bracelet or anything you want! i thought of it today and made it myself! :) 

anyone can enter! please be a follower and leave your email address below! i'll pick a random winner within the next week or so! :)


thank you everyone who has taken part :) i got my sister to randomly chose a name :) aaaand it's julie from  i'll have another giveaway in the futureee! 

Monday, 25 October 2010

an old new thing


                      h&m top and clutch, all saints jeans, new look wedges

my outfit yesterday! :) i was a little reluctant to purchase these wedges because i was worried it would make me already taller than everybody else but i am so so happy i got them! i really like them :) i also found my all saints high waisted jeans at the back of my wardrobe which i thought i had lost! so it felt like having something new! haha if that makes sense at all. it also means i should have a wardrobe clear out...! anywaysss, i haven't been up to much recently except temping as a visual merchandiser. although, i have something to look forward to... halloween this weekend! what are you guys dressing up as? i'm thinking of dressing up as a funny little pumpkin! :)

Monday, 18 October 2010


h&m shift dress (worn as top), velvet skirt made by me!, miss selfridge clutch

here is a quick post of what i've been up to recently. i've been busy making cute skirts on my little sewing machine; this navy velvet one is my favourite! :) and i have also been making postcards for my friends! they're just silly drawings in felt tip pens and colouring pencils but it was so much fun! :) i forgot how much i love doing this kinda diy stuff! and isn't my little leopard+sequin clutch the cutest thing ever? i haven't worn it since my grad ball so i thought i'd show it some love by taking it out that evening! also, sorry for the gloomy face! haha, it was unintentional.. i promise! :)

Friday, 8 October 2010

testing, one two three.

topshop leather jacket, zara chiffon blouse, newlook skirt and shoe boots

i got a new camera ! it's just a small digital camera since i somehow destroyed my last two and my 18-55mm lens.. anyways, i was just testing it out before i went out yesterday. it's not too bad ! :) i might get some new lenses for my canon though.. any recommendations? also, i am so excited for this weekend as i am having a reunion with my ex-flatmates! 
what are you guys doing this weekend? i hope you have a great one! 

ps i haven't had the chance to thank everyone who has left me with lovely comments + those following me!
i might do a giveaway soon as a proper thank you! :)

Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Temperley dress

hello! :) i went to london for a week to work at the sample sale at temperley london. the show was held at one of my favourite places in the city- notting hill. I spent the week wearing lots and lots of pretty dresses, filling up rich ladies' empty wine glasses, hanging out in cafes late into the night, and just generally enjoying the city! :) 

the highlight of the week was on the last day when i found these two beautiful shoes at a fiver.. each! i love finding bargains like these! thank you, london !!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

hello, september

zara top, h&m shorts, new look brogues
i love september ever since i was little because it meant a new school year where i had a brand new lunch box, a new pencil case, new uniform and shoes... just everything new! :) i haven't got anything new recently.. but i still love it as it means the weather is still warm enough for me to wear shorts and skirts before i have to trade them for woolly tights and long things in october.
anyways, today i went to town but didn't buy anything other than a couple of magazines (i hardly ever read marie claire but couldn't resist blake lively on the cover) and later had some afternoon tea in the garden with my mum. with the sunshine that overtook the afternoon, you would have never guessed the showers in the morning but i wasn't so surprised since british weather can be so unpredictable! haha
also i was writing to a letter to a friend the other day, and i realised how i miss sending letters and gifts in the post..! so if anyone wants to go old school and have a penpal, let me know! :) 

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

hyoni kang

i think i may be the only person in the whole world to think this.. but the first thing i noticed when i saw this dkny autumn ad was asian model hyoni. and yes i do realise she's not the centre piece of this campaign.. in fact, she's in the background, almost fading away really.
maybe it's because i'm being biased, but maybe it's also the fact that growing up, i always wanted a glimpse of my own race in the many vogues and elles i pored over... just so i can know that asians are beautiful too.   
it was 2008 when hyoni won the ford supermodel of the world competition; the first eastern asian to have done so. surely there were asian models before hyoni arrived on the scene? from a more positive perspective, i hope this is a sign where i can expect more asian models to have super-supermodel status and make a mark in our fashion world. because it is so so good to see hyoni and other asian models gracing alongside western models in catwalks, campaigns and the likes. or maybe i should subscribe to korean or japanese vogue where they feature more asian models! that is.. if they do international shipping! haha :)
personally, i think it's quite refreshing and eye catching to see asian models behind the glossy papers. 
but i'm no professional. this is just my opinion :) 
other than the fact that hyoni is an asian, i love her style; on and off duty. i'm inspired by her effortless and edgy looks which is exactly what i want to achieve in my outfits. plus, in many of her campaigns she is smiley and portrays this adorable cute personality of hers! <3 hyoni. 

pictures from tumblr 
hyoni in dkny, american eagle, urban outfitters, korea vogue