Saturday, 31 July 2010

interior dreams

I think most girls have their wedding planned since they were really young. It really fascinates me that they just know what they want; the perfect wedding consisting of the perfect wedding dress, cake, guests, location and even the perfect husband. To be honest, I've thought about my perfect home more so than my wedding. Actually, I haven't even started thinking of my own wedding, if I have one that is. I know that in my home, I want a big book case with lots and lots of books. Books with binding falling off, books that are hundreds of pages long, books that have just illustrations or even magazine collections of Vogue or Elle Decor (Maybe by then I can afford to get monthly subscriptions instead of every other month!). I can also imagine my house with some vintage furnitures but definitely having that 'lived in' feeling. Well.. I'm only twenty one so I still have plenty of time to decide but a girl can dream, right? :)

Moving back home after graduating, I've wanted to re-decorate my room. Nothing drastic but small somethings that could really change the tone of my bedroom! I've been looking at interior design books and blogs, and I was thrilled when I came across Grant K. Gibson's blog post about a room 'make-over'. He had brilliant ideas for turning a living room in to the Living Room... If you get what I mean :) You can see for your self right here. It just shows that creativity and final touches to even a cushion or having colourful book covers can give a room instant character and that you don't really have to spend lots!

Also, my friend did a HomeGoods stylescope questionaire to find out what kind of style of room you'd feel happiest. I got Elegant Classic but I think it really depends on what mood I'm in since I got something else before haha :) what did you guys get?? It's actually really exciting and interesting! :)

Thursday, 29 July 2010


hello! i'm starting this blog all over again, just because my last one wasn't updated so much and it kinda died by also because i want to start afresh! a new beginning! so i'll write about all sorts of things i like including photography, fashion, interior designing mostly, but also other bits and bobs of my life! : )

i wanted to start by sharing some images; i absolutely love vintage photographs, something about them just makes me want to travel back time, stop and appreciate what i've missed. does that makes sense at all? maybe i'm going crazy. i wonder if anyone would see some of the photos i've taken in fifty years time and wonder what it was like back now.