Thursday, 28 October 2010

giveaway !

hello! to thank all my lovely followers, i decided to have a giveaway! i know i only have less than a hundred followers, but i just wanted to thank you guys anyways! :) i'm giving two pairs of tights (cream bow and black heart) size s/m, and a little sunglass pouch from topshop (it's also perfect for makeup case or as a purse). i'm also giving away a lace bow hair band that can also be a bow tie or bracelet or anything you want! i thought of it today and made it myself! :) 

anyone can enter! please be a follower and leave your email address below! i'll pick a random winner within the next week or so! :)


thank you everyone who has taken part :) i got my sister to randomly chose a name :) aaaand it's julie from  i'll have another giveaway in the futureee! 

Monday, 25 October 2010

an old new thing


                      h&m top and clutch, all saints jeans, new look wedges

my outfit yesterday! :) i was a little reluctant to purchase these wedges because i was worried it would make me already taller than everybody else but i am so so happy i got them! i really like them :) i also found my all saints high waisted jeans at the back of my wardrobe which i thought i had lost! so it felt like having something new! haha if that makes sense at all. it also means i should have a wardrobe clear out...! anywaysss, i haven't been up to much recently except temping as a visual merchandiser. although, i have something to look forward to... halloween this weekend! what are you guys dressing up as? i'm thinking of dressing up as a funny little pumpkin! :)

Monday, 18 October 2010


h&m shift dress (worn as top), velvet skirt made by me!, miss selfridge clutch

here is a quick post of what i've been up to recently. i've been busy making cute skirts on my little sewing machine; this navy velvet one is my favourite! :) and i have also been making postcards for my friends! they're just silly drawings in felt tip pens and colouring pencils but it was so much fun! :) i forgot how much i love doing this kinda diy stuff! and isn't my little leopard+sequin clutch the cutest thing ever? i haven't worn it since my grad ball so i thought i'd show it some love by taking it out that evening! also, sorry for the gloomy face! haha, it was unintentional.. i promise! :)

Friday, 8 October 2010

testing, one two three.

topshop leather jacket, zara chiffon blouse, newlook skirt and shoe boots

i got a new camera ! it's just a small digital camera since i somehow destroyed my last two and my 18-55mm lens.. anyways, i was just testing it out before i went out yesterday. it's not too bad ! :) i might get some new lenses for my canon though.. any recommendations? also, i am so excited for this weekend as i am having a reunion with my ex-flatmates! 
what are you guys doing this weekend? i hope you have a great one! 

ps i haven't had the chance to thank everyone who has left me with lovely comments + those following me!
i might do a giveaway soon as a proper thank you! :)