Wednesday, 29 December 2010

how magical !

hello all! :) i hope you had a wonderful christmas day! i spent a lovely day at church watching little angels singing 'away in a manger', a family roast dinner and watched love actually, jingle all the way AND elf. or more like background noise whilst we were chatting away with hot chocolate and ginger bread men :) how did you guys spend christmas this year? 
i also wanted to show you my favourite christmas presents. 
disco ball lip balm, topshop clothes+topshop giftcards, nice smelling perfume, interior design books, and lots of lush things (the other half already gone!) 
i got this dress a few days after christmas and i'm totally in love with it! it's frilly and it has a pretty bow print! eek :) tell me about presents you received this year! 

oh! and have a happy new year ! : )

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

wishful thinking

chloe spring 2011
all images from
under these freezing conditions, the best way to warm up would be to.. 
1) wear more layers
2) drink hot chocolate (with marshmallows)
3) look at next spring collections and THINK that it's spring. 
here are some beautiful, elegant, classy, lovely, ballerina-esque images off the catwalk from chloe to get you in the mood.. it works! i promise! ....sort of! :) 

Sunday, 5 December 2010

it's all about the details

 henry holland blouse, primark skirt, zara bag
i sincerely apologise for the lack of post recently ! i've been super busy with work, interviews for post grad, and spending way too much time catching up with gossip girl! : )  
i'm sorry about the blurryness of the pictures... but i wanted to show you my recent purchases, bought with my very first pay cheque! yayy! :) and how perfectly, i think, they complement each other to make my outfit today. i love the zebra prints and the peter pan collar of the blouse as well as the rose chiffon details of the skirt. well done, henry holland! well done, primark! on the other hand, here i am wearing short sleeves and a skirt on the coldest day i have ever experienced in my whole life, haha.  i hope you guys all had a great weekend and are a lot warmer than i am! : ) i'm off to drink some tea to warm myself up before bed! bye byeee.