Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Temperley dress

hello! :) i went to london for a week to work at the sample sale at temperley london. the show was held at one of my favourite places in the city- notting hill. I spent the week wearing lots and lots of pretty dresses, filling up rich ladies' empty wine glasses, hanging out in cafes late into the night, and just generally enjoying the city! :) 

the highlight of the week was on the last day when i found these two beautiful shoes at a fiver.. each! i love finding bargains like these! thank you, london !!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

hello, september

zara top, h&m shorts, new look brogues
i love september ever since i was little because it meant a new school year where i had a brand new lunch box, a new pencil case, new uniform and shoes... just everything new! :) i haven't got anything new recently.. but i still love it as it means the weather is still warm enough for me to wear shorts and skirts before i have to trade them for woolly tights and long things in october.
anyways, today i went to town but didn't buy anything other than a couple of magazines (i hardly ever read marie claire but couldn't resist blake lively on the cover) and later had some afternoon tea in the garden with my mum. with the sunshine that overtook the afternoon, you would have never guessed the showers in the morning but i wasn't so surprised since british weather can be so unpredictable! haha
also i was writing to a letter to a friend the other day, and i realised how i miss sending letters and gifts in the post..! so if anyone wants to go old school and have a penpal, let me know! :)