Thursday, 29 July 2010


hello! i'm starting this blog all over again, just because my last one wasn't updated so much and it kinda died by also because i want to start afresh! a new beginning! so i'll write about all sorts of things i like including photography, fashion, interior designing mostly, but also other bits and bobs of my life! : )

i wanted to start by sharing some images; i absolutely love vintage photographs, something about them just makes me want to travel back time, stop and appreciate what i've missed. does that makes sense at all? maybe i'm going crazy. i wonder if anyone would see some of the photos i've taken in fifty years time and wonder what it was like back now.


  1. beautiful pictures


  2. loove these photos! thanks for the comment on the beach post--sometimes it's nice to live in a place that's 80 degrees at the end of October ;)
    nice to meet you.