Sunday, 13 February 2011

i dream romance

topshop dress, h&m blazer, faith brogues

it's already spring in my mind and i've sold myself to nude, rose, romantic colours. the woolen tights and leggings have been ditched, for now, and i braved myself to go bare legged at the glimpse of the slightest sun rays. here are some photos of my past week except the first photograph is of my secret memory box. it's full of so much bits and bobs like cinema tickets from ten years ago, plane and train tickets, sticker photos, drawings and such; i forgot i kept these! it's amazing how little things can remind you so clearly of special days of your life. 


  1. These are all such lovely photos, I love your outfit!xxx

  2. Thank you for the comment :)
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    Hope to see you on my blog again soon..

  3. I love your blue blazer - great color!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. Your pictures have such a lovely feel to them :)

    And I love your style ~<3

  5. Great style and that blazer is amazing!xx

  6. great outfit dear :-)

  7. Lovely pictures, love the outfit.
    I am your new follower.

    Happy Valentine´s day
    xx, Monse.-

  8. Please excuse my teenager-y cliche, but those shoes are totally awesome! Love the blazer too! Check out my epic blog!!!

  9. Love the outfit! The floral skirt is really cute too :)

  10. i have a box filled with little keepsakes too, emily! :) it has old movie tickets too, and other stuff. ;) btw, i like the floral skirt!

    <3, M

  11. ooo this post is so dreamy and twee :) love it! i've got a little box like that too actually, although mine's an old shoe box covered in pretty paper haha. i've got ridiculous things in there, but it's always nice to get it out and have a look now and again :)


  12. Cute outfit!

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    kiss kiss, mony

  14. WoW, this post is soooo cute! I love it!
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    Love Barbara

  15. Hello lovely:)!

    thanks so much for your comment:)!
    i love your blog....your posts are so cute...and inspired me :)!

    I´m your new follower....follow me too :) thanks and kisses :)))

    in the packet which I received from the designer tom Rebl. was the latest look book, a cd of the fashion show, a card with a personal styling. I did not expect to. I was invited last year on his show but I could not come. that was a surprise. I was very happy.

    I'm sorry my english is so bad.

    Wish you a great day)

    with love

  16. yes! we must continue writing to each other!
    I've been super busy with school lately since it is exam time but great other than that! I've also done wayyy too much shopping lately which is awesome but also not good.
    How is everything with you?

  17. Beautiful photos and I love your outfit.

  18. Hi thx for you comment in my blog :D
    Beautiful Photos... i like your blog....

  19. I keep a memory box too :) I can't wait for it to be spring either then I can leave behind my coat and just layer instead.

  20. Lovely outfit! I am loving polka dots right now, so that dress just speaks to me! Definitely amazing!

    VPV Intern

  21. gorgeous! you have amazing style x

  22. как круто, когда есть своя машинка швейная!!! Как я тебе завидую
    заходи ко мне

  23. Croissant looks goood. Love your outfit too!

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  24. whats the second photo?! cuuuute skirt dear!!

  25. thank you for your lovely comment.I love the little flower cute!xx